“The seeds from Ramanujan’s garden have been blowing on the wind and have been sprouting all over the landscape.”
– Freeman Dyson

An Inter-house Math quiz for classes 8th,9th and 10th was conducted by ICRA Limited in collaboration with VIDYA School Gurgaon, to commemorate the late, great mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan on his birthday.

The participants were divided into six teams. Each team keenly contested and put up a tough fight. The quiz was based on 4 rounds: the passing round, the audio visual round, the rapid fire round and the buzzer round.

It was a closely contested event and had all the participants and the audience wrack their brains to get the correct answers. The VIDYA students displayed confidence and amazing numerical abilities. This brought about immense appreciation by the ICRA Team. The chief guest Mr Naresh Takkar MD ICRA applauded the efforts of the students.

To know more about Ramanujan, give this a read: https://goo.gl/wReK