Vision & Mission


To be significant force of change for India’s less-privileged.


To educate, empower and transform the less privileged through integrated methods of education that create progressive social change

Our Core Values

We want to develop ethical, hardworking and driven individuals. We want our students to develop and use their own intellect, intuition and judgement to discern good from bad, and help others do the same. So what are these core “values” we inculcate?

  • Equity: Every individual, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, or creed, deserves equal opportunity in the eyes of society and the law. We think this value is the bedrock of all civilization, and the most important principle held by any good human being.
  • Integrity: Holding yourself to a standard, and sticking to your principles, even at times when it feels most difficult to.
  • Compassion: Empathy is innate to all humans, but compassion is a learned skill. How do we act on our empathy? We think that makes all the difference.
  • Growth Mindset: The most successful people have a growth mindset. It’s a combination of realism towards situations, identifying the right problems, confidence in your abilities, focus, and optimism towards your goals. A VIDYA student learns this mode of thinking right from their first day at school.
  • Sense of Service: Problems are best solved, and the deepest lessons are learnt, when working with your hands, and when serving people directly on their own terms.
  • Citizenship: All these values put together make a good citizen of India and the globalized modern world. Principled, confident, hard-working, and compassionate. This is what we expect of our VIDYA students, and inculcate from day one.